The SIMPAS research group is equipped with modern laboratories with latest comptuing facilties, specialised equipments for powder and particle breakage characterisation.
Powder Rheometer  

The powder rheometer allows measurement of:

  • Flow energy in relation to many variables and all packing states
  • Shear properties of consolidated and unconsolidated powders
  • Bulk properties- precision bulk density, compressibility and permeability
  • Process variables such as moisture, attrition and segregation
High Speed Camera  

MotionPro M-5, 24 bit Color, Camera Link 170 fps @ 2352 x 1728

The M-5 camera, which is designed for use in industrial and research environments, features a very high resolution image with 4 million pixels and sustained rates over 150 fps via a standard Camera Link interface. The camera is used for capturing high resolution images of particulate systems.

Variable speed rotor mill

The variable speed rotor mill PULVERISETTE 14 is used for fast, effective comminution of soft to medium-hard, brittle and fibrous materials as well as temperature-sensitive samples.
Driver for Rotating Drum  
Rotating drum is used for ball mill grinding experiments
Computing facilites  

Currently 40+ servers running on Linux and Windows OS and 50+ desktop computers are assigned to individual researchers